Friday, June 17, 2011

Paris Waits for No Man...

Ok, even celebrity break-up blogs are allowed to make mistakes when they're tired and they quite possibly have broken their toes.  Paris and Doug broke up 100 years ago (right? I thought so too!)  Her most recent break-up is with club owner, Cy Waits. They have appealed for privacy, cause you know, in between all her reality tv shows and celebrity appearances she's actually shy and reserved and needs her space.

Shocking news! Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt (you may remember him from The Hills) have broken up after 6 whole months! Surprisingly, this is the first time she's appeared on this blog, so mazel tov, we'll see you again soon lady friend, hot.  We really thought those kids were gonna make it.


  1. LOL she has been maintaining such a low profile lately, i had actually forgotten her existence!

  2. 6 months! Isn't that like 42 months in Paris Time? (like 7 x 6, like dog years, get it?!)

  3. ah, the popular Empire Waistband...making her look preggers!