Thursday, May 12, 2011

Leo Lowers the Bar...

Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, have called it quits after their 5 years together. Let's all bow our heads in a moment of silence.

Actress, Hayden Panettiere, 21, and Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champion, Wladimir Klitschko, 35, have split after 2 years dating-- (notice I added their sprawling age dif,)  citing distance as the dilemma. 

I wish I had more to tell you about all of these kids, other than, the fact that I thought they were gonna make it-- but I don't. 


  1. I am concerned about Hayden. Not only is she now alone but she'll have even more time on her hands to apply that fake tanner. Good Lord. Had to do a double take to find her. That's not Halle Berry?!

  2. I thought Leo was dating Gossip Girl's Serena? (real name escapes me)..