Monday, July 8, 2013

Pie Taker and Pie Maker...

Comic book villain Rupert Murdoch collects his marbles long enough to file for divorce from Wendi "Takes a pie for her man" Deng, his third wife.  I hope she had a decent pre-nup!

TV sitcom middle child, now bitter, Jodie Sweetin has filed for legal separation from husband Morty Coyle after only 1 year. When filing for irreconcilable differences, she also noted in the margins she required less of a Full House.

After nearly throttling his wife in a "playful tiff" as he called it, multi-millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson are dunzo.  She's currently preparing a dish of hard cheese, sour grapes and humble pie.  

I thought all these kids were gonna make it!

Thanks to my uber informed Senior Correspondent in Philadelphia for sending these tips that I've taken up to almost a month to write about!