Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Third time Not Hefner's Charm...

I SO didn't see this coming! Child Protective Services has finally caught up with Hugh Hefner and five days before the wedding, model, Crystal Harris, has called it off. Methuselah announced it himself by tweeting: "The wedding is off, Crystal has had a change of heart."  I really thought those kids were gonna make it.

AND in even BIGGER news...

The curse of reality TV couples potentially strikes again.  After 28 years, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and longtime partner Shannon Tweed could be on the rocks! Tweed told Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford (who's hosting the Today show now? How long have I been in Ireland?) Anyway, she said that their relationship has "pretty much unraveled." And, "Those last two [years together] were a bitch,"  I will wait until an official announcement to believe this crazyness.

Thanks to my extremely hard working Senior Ridiculous Relationship Correspondent in PA for the early newstips!


  1. They host a kind of an "after" the Today show Today Show!

  2. The after Today show has booze. I'd like to be on that show. But I always thought that couples who face lifted together were meant to last forever...