Friday, November 5, 2010

Strike Out for A-Rod and Cameron Diaz...

Alls I'm saying is, can a funny-pretty sistah keep a boyfriend?  Although only together 7 months, this is still news to ITTKWGMI (that's me) none-the-less!  Actress Cameron Diaz and New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez have split,  supposedly he was tired of her.  Did y'all really think this one was gonna stick?  She's already been seen out on the town Glee star Matthew Morrison.  Oh well, I thought those kids were gonna make it.

Thanks for the tip from my Senior Athletes-Who-Date-Actresses Correspondent in Philadelphia.  Couldn't do this without ya!


  1. She has gone a little freaky dont you think. Stay off the plastic surgery Cameron. Men can like the natural look too....

  2. u think she's had surgery? say it ain't so!!! she's my age or younger, i say no!!!

  3. She has not! no way, it's not her style at all. I think she's just kind goofy looking :D