Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Halloween Break-Up Creepyness....

You may remember him as Eddie Munster, child-star all growns up, Butch Patrick, has split from his girlfriend and former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Donna Mc Call. I thought those kids were gonna make it, really.

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  1. Donna kicked him out of her house when she suspected cocaine use - something she told him she would do if she suspected. Split was b'fore H'ween. She was arranging to get him help privately but his agents went the media circus route instead with press releases to the tabloids with many statements not true. It was all done for publicity and money, just as the marriage/engagement rumors were planted by his reps. There was NO almost OD -- again for publicity, sympathy and free rehab treatment. Now he's being pimped out by his rehab center in the form of endorsements cause he received free treatment. Patrick is a user of people. Contact Helen Darras, Butch's former girlfriend and Phil Kohn, former agent, for more info.