Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Desperate Housewife Hits Desperate Times...or not?

Two basketball players in the same week move to Splitsville, what is the world coming to?

Tony Parker filed for divorce from Eva Longoria after three long years of marrital bliss. I REALLY THOUGHT these kids were gonna make it! (But secretly I've been waiting for the day I'd be posting this blog entry.)

UPDATE: Apparently this is only a rumour. We at ITTKWGMI do not like to report untruths but when the rumour mills start spinning sometimes we act a little too fast! So we'll just keep our ears peeled for any more details but consider this story a rumour! Phew, maybe they will make it!

UPDATED UPDATE NOV17: Well, if US Weekly AND USA Today report it, it HAS to be true. Eva Longoria is heartbroken after finding texts between Tony and a friend. They are reportedly splits.

Thanks to my Senior D4 Recurrent Burglary Victim Correspondent for the tip!


  1. How could you say this wasn't going to work!! It was such a real marriage...

  2. Holy S**t! I really thought those 2 kids were gonna make it. She even did the Hollywood curse of taking his last name. Can I get an Oy Vey?

  3. Hey sorry I gave you bad info! Or not...only time will tell!

  4. Kara - a document was sealed at the courthouse...there's something filed there....i don't think this story is over!