Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Petals off this Blossom...

Just when I thought I could go to sleep, this late breaking news tip came in!  Our own little Blossom, Mayim Bialik and her very Jewy husband Michael Stone, are splitting after 9 years.  She's still breastfeeding him, so it will be a wean, rather than an actual divorce. I really thought those kids were gonna make it.

Thanks for this very early tip from my Senior Orthodox-McJewy-Boobs Correspondent in Connecticut.


  1. I really thought those 2 kids were gonna make it!

  2. I love this blog Nancy LOL! First time here

    1. blushing thank you! it's really important information that needs to be heard
      and thanks for your advice today, credit given on that blog entry (and all future) not here though :)