Saturday, May 5, 2012

Round up of Negativity...

Even the host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, has now fallen prey to the curse of this stupid show. He and wife of 18 years Gwen Jones are separating. Maybe they'll ask him to be the next bachelor? But I really thought those kids were gonna make it.
Thanks to my Senior Reality-Boob-Show Correspondent in North Jersey.
Martin Lawrence and his wife Shamicka Gibbs are in calling it quits. Married since 2010, but together for 15 years prior to that they are splitting seemingly amicably. No other info on this one peeps, so why don't you just enjoy the annoying theme song.  I really thought those kids were gonna make it.
Former X Factor judge and sister of Australia's shiniest export, Dannii Minogue has split up with former rugby player-slash-model, Kris Smith, her baby Daddy, after 4 years.  Me thinks he cheated. I really thought those pretty kids were gonna make it. 
Eastenders actor, Sid Owen, has split from his fiance Polly Parsons - after they split up, and reunited, decided to get engaged, then break-up again, THEN get back together and................split. I really thought those exhausting kids were gonna make it.

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