Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bottom of the Barrel Round Up...

Glee's Chord Overstreet and girl that is forever to be known as Julia Roberts' niece, Emma Roberts, are kaput. Reports surfaced that she felt as if the fact that he could fit her entire head in his giant mouth was grounds for a split.  I really thought these kids were gonna make it. 

Dad of 8, Jon Gosselin and girlfriend of 2 years Ellen Ross have ended their relationship. I did the math,  he is not a celebrity any more. I really thought those Z-listers were gonna make it.

Harry Styles turned 18 today, you may remember him from talent-challenged boy band One Direction. He split from 32-year old Xtra Factor host, Caroline Flack. Rumour has it, America was going to be shocked and stunned of their over 14-year age difference and it would ruin the image of said boy band.  Personally I think their relationship is all the band ever had going for it and as their name suggests, they're probably going in one direction. I really thought those kids were gonna make it.


  1. 3rd kid I never heard of but he looks like a baby! What is that chick thinking!

  2. Anyone who is 32 dating an 18 year old needs a swift and well-placed kick in the ass !!!