Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pollyanna a NO Show...

Grant Show (you know, Jake from Melrose Place,) and his actress wife Pollyanna Mc Intosh (do you think she changed her name to that?) are splitting up after a 7-year marriage. She seems to be taking all the classic cars with her-- that's gotta hurt. I really thought those hot kids were gonna make it.

Thanks to my super Senior Old-Actor-Younger-Taller-Actress Correspondent in South Philly for this extremely important piece of news.

And forgive me for being so late on this one! Heiress Nicky Hilton and TV-dude-son-of-Movie dude-Jeffery Katzenberg, David Katzenberg, have called it quits after 4 years.  I really thought those rich kids were gonna make it.


  1. Your blog never fails to make me laugh.

  2. i think it needs to be much funnier, we'll agree to disagree, feel free to add some funny anytime! :)

  3. I'm so distraught about Pollyanna, I can't be funny. I've got nothing. Blank. I wonder if she was old enough to remember Melrose Place. No that's not very funny. Sorry. But you do make me laugh.

  4. i think you're always funny! all comments appreciated, since i get comments from all of 3 people! :)