Monday, December 13, 2010

On Screen Siblings, Off Screen Divorce...

There is no sleep for the weary here in the Blogosphere. I woke up to reports from both the East and West coast of America that Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and his TV-sister-real-life-wife, Jennifer Carpenter are splitting up! This is a record day in break-up history, I tells ya!  Married only 2 years, sources say they've been separated for some time and are officially filing for divorce.  A TV serial killer and a detective is the last bad sides I'd like to get on, so with heavyness in my heart, I truly thought those kids were gonna make it G-d Dammit.


  1. Ha! Your Google Ad is for "Minnesota Divorce" - hacklander law. Location, Location, Location...

  2. yikes... didnt Micheal C. Hall just get finsihed with cancer treatment or am I thinking of another actor ?? Hmm...maybe I should change careers and aim to become a Hollywood celebrity divorce attorney...seems like they would never worry about job security in Hollywood !!