Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will They Just Be Friends???

Ok people, calm down, we're all gonna be ok!  It looks like it's just a "trial separation" for Courteney Cox and David Arquette and it's been in the cards for a while.  What with her curious "family matter" that temporarily shut down Cougar Town production last year and David being out without his wedding band with some ho-actress-slash-waitress, Jasmine Waltz, we knew something was going down!  I hope it had nothing to do with this VIDEO , that they released recently.  So let's all just breath deeply, and hope that after 11 years, a little absence makes each of their hearts fonder, because I really think these kids can make it!!

Thank you so much to my correspondents from around the globe for the heads up overnight!


  1. cuteblackgirlusa@live.ieOctober 12, 2010 at 12:29 PM

    No freakin' way !!! What happened to what they wrote on their wedding bands... "a deals a deal" ?? I hope David's old demons haven't made a reappearance !!! Goodness people... work it out!! LOL

  2. hey Nancy, My Friend Brant is her hair dresser. On show, On the movie and everyday life. He says they are very much together and in the same house.

  3. interesting Alyx - however, the gossip-sphere has posted their joint statement all over the interweb - i am only reporting the news, the important kind
    but could you ask Brant if he can help me get a song onto Cougar Town? maybe get my lullabye album to help CoCo go to sleep? :)

  4. YOU are just Nancy on-the-spot on this one. I only just heard about it today. It's on the cover of some magazine they had in the grocery store check out aisle.

    Way to cover the news! (And I seriously do hope they work it out- they seemed so good together.)