Monday, September 27, 2010

Which Way Did He Go George?

American actor, comedian, talk show host George Lopez (famous Latino export 2nd only to Dora the Explorer) has announced the amicable split with his wife Ann after 17 years and a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT from her! Jaysus! Let's hope she doesn't ask for that back as part of their divorce settlement.  I thought those kids were gonna make it. 

Thanks to my Bloomfield, NJ Senior-Latino-correspondent for the tip.


  1. I really those 2 kids were gonna make it.

  2. Agreed. That's not good news. I think she should get her kidney back unless she cheated.

  3. Can I borrow a kidney...and can you beat it?

  4. So I was watching Cupcake Wars last night on the Food Network. It was a new episode, and the charity focus was George and Wife's kidney awareness gig. She's out doing her thing for kidney's all the while they are divorcing? So not cool. Cool for kidney needs and all, but not cool on the divorce front.