Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to my new blog about celebrity break-ups. It makes me so sad when famous people's relationships don't work. Especially when an entire reality series is based on their wedding. When Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro broke up, I stayed home from work for a week.

So please join me on the Fame Rollercoaster of Love from ...let's begin...


  1. Heidi and Spencer....I really thought those two kids were gonna make it!

  2. Let's talk about the original ITTKWGMI couple - Brad and Jen. Still not over it.

  3. What is it about "Best Actress" Oscar winners breaking up with their husbands straight after winning their statue????

    PS Well done on the new blog - ya owl romantic ya!

  4. Discovered this blog whilst ferreting information on Ashley Judd's and Dario Franchitti's split. Not to be a trainwreck seeker, but this blog has truly fascinated me. I've just perused through the entire thing. Oh, the memories. Here's hoping 2013's a slow news year for you. :-)