Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Break-Up Hat Trick...

Well, I am reminded that break-ups do happen in 3's as a flurry of emails flooded my box overnight to inform me of all the news....and now, I shall inform you, get the tissues...

After two years, Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha, have called it a day. (Something about her not wanting to wait for him to settle down, and lots of partying on his part on the set of The Hangover 2.)  I find it hard knowing who she is without Mary Kate right next to her, took me a minute to process their bad news.

After TWENTY FOUR years, irreconcilable differences is the reason why Tony and Tracey Danza are calling it quits. (They've been separated since 2006 so we did see this one coming.) This begs the question, Who truly IS the Boss now?

And what will bring a tear to all of your eyes, sit down people--Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have confirmed they too will be splitting up. They started dating in 2007 and we've been waiting to write this post since, well, 2007.  What about the puppies????

I really thought all these kids were gonna make it, REALLY.

Thanks to my Senior Overnight Gossip Correspondents around the globe in Ireland, Philly, South Jersey and of course Laguna Beach!


  1. I really thought those 6 kids were gonna make it!

  2. I knew Justin and Jessica were broken up !! My cluue was when he came to a big awards show with his mom....and he didn't say anything about Jessica..and he wasn't asked about her either!
    They were a cute couple (sigh)