Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's a Story, Of 2 Lovely Ladies, Who Were Bringing Up 10 Children of their Own...

Rosie O'Donnell has broken up with Tracy Kachtick-Anders, they'd been together for a year and lived next door to each other, combining both their families, Rosie's 4 kids and Tracy's 6, which Rosie regarded as a real life "Gay-dy Bunch."  But dry your tears people, Rosie will be back up on the horse quicker than a mad rush for Melissa Etheridge concert tickets! .I thought those kids were gonna make it.

Thanks to my Senior Alternative Combined Family Relationship Correspondent in NJ for the tip!


  1. I really thought those 10 kids and their 2 mommas were gonna make it. There's going to be some major league therapy going on with them!

  2. Ah, that's sad..Yep! really thought those kids were gonna make it!